Short Sale or Foreclosure – Which is the best option for you?


shortsale vs foreclosure

With many Americans facing the very real threat of foreclosure, many homeowners are looking for ways to avoid it. One option, and a topic that has garnered a lot of interest, is a real estate short sale. This has become the most sought after avenue sellers are using when facing a foreclosure. It is used primarily when a seller is “under water”, or when the mortgage amount on their home is more that their home is currently worth.

To help understand how a short sale would relate to or differ from, a foreclosure, it may be helpful to point out that short sales are commonly referred to as “pre-foreclosure sales” which, as the name implies, precedes the home being officially repossessed or foreclosed on by the lender...

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Buying property at a Trustee Sale


trustee salesFor many buyers the process of a “Trustee Sale” is completely foreign. Hopefully we will try and guide you through the process and after reading this article you should have a much better understanding of the mystique of a Trustee Sale.

Trustee Sales or foreclosure sale’s are held every weekday at various locations in Phoenix. The number of people attending these sales have increased dramatically over the past few years.

To explain the process, when a homeowner finds themselves falling behind on their mortgage payments, their lender will send notices asking for payment. After a period of time (varies from lender) the lender sends a notice identifying that the loan is in default...

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Choosing a moving company

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checklistChoosing a moving company doesn’t sound like a tough thing to do. But choosing the wrong company, often the cheapest option, can be disastrous. Moving house is stressful enough that you don’t want to add more negative experiences to the ordeal.

Making sure you hire the right moving company

Whenever I need to do a complex task, I make myself a checklist. It breaks a large project into more manageable tasks. I do this for everything from grocery shopping, to planning an open house.

When I came across this checklist for hiring a moving company, I was impressed with the level of detail included.

Next time you are planning a move, make sure you work through this checklist. You are bound to hire the right removal experts, and this will make your house move so much more pleasurable.

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